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Timron Scientific Consulting, Inc. was established in 1989 to address the needs of the electrical connector, electrical switch and surface modification industries. The company's unique expertise in (i) electrical connector and switch design, (ii) materials, (iii) metal-forming, (iv) surface modification using vacuum or electrolytic deposition technologies including anodic alumina layer growth, (v) testing and (vi) failure analysis on electrical connector and switch devices, provides for impartial counsel in areas of development of electrical connectors and switches, and surface modification technologies.

Timron Scientific Consulting Inc. is offering its consulting services through two separate divisions:

Timron Advanced Connector Technologies

Timron Surface Modification Technologies


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Timron Scientific Consulting Inc. provides consulting services to manufacturers and end-users of electrical connectors and switches, to the microelectronics industry including MEMS manufacturers, in North America, Europe and Asia. We also provide consulting services for the enhancement of tribological or mechanical-wear properties of surfaces.

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